Dogma, Doctrine and Adiaphora

In my previous post, it could be insinuated that I indicated that there could be disagreement over the Gospel, while everyone in the conversation stays safely within the realm of Christianity. Some may contend that the Gospel is the very core of Christianity and so to disagree over what constitutes the Gospel actually is to decide who is in and out of the camp of Christianity.

With this in mind, a brief conversation on different kinds of Christian conversation could be helpful. There are three main categories of Christian beliefs: dogma, doctrine, and adiaphora. Dogma are the absolute essentials of salvation.¬†Doctrine are areas that we spar over and believe are critical to our theology and practice, but where we also could acknowledge there are differences of understanding about God’s call. Adiaphora are preferences we hold while realizing they are more trivial (though still are often loudly argued about). Continue reading


The Ground Rules

A dialogue, as defined by, is “an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue…with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement.” The hope of this blog is to do just that…create a dialogue that allows each of us as participants to exchange ideas, to learn and grow from the process, and to come out the other side with new perspective and understanding. With that in mind, I request the following… Continue reading

The Project

This blog is an in-progress project as part of my Masters of Divinity degree program through George Fox Evangelical Seminary. The course, a self-guided special study, involves constructing¬†“a study that will help you focus your understanding and expertise in an area appropriate to your intended ministry.” Due to my heart for youth ministry, interest in postmodernity, and struggles with figuring out how to appropriately share my faith, I felt like exploring these three topics in tandem would be valuable.

The project requirements include 112 hours of research and writing along with a final product, which this site will become as the dialogue develops.

My project objectives are as follows: Continue reading