Below you’ll find a continually growing list to relevant articles found across the interwebs that pertain to our topic of the intersection postmodernity, youth ministry, and the Gospel. Read, explore, engage, and leave a comment on this page with your thoughts to spark further dialogue.

The Bible & the Gospel – a quick link to all mentions of the word “Gospel” in the Bible.

8 Marks of a Robust Gospel – a succinct summary on a presentation by Scot McKnight on his thoughts on the goods and bads of current Gospel presenting.

Take II: 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel – a more robust version of McKnight’s 8 Marks, going into more detail and written by McKnight himself.

The 9 Marks on the Gospel – The 9 marks of a healthy church is a coalition of church leaders desiring to equip the church with helpful resources. One of the 9 marks is the Gospel.

more to come…


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