Non-Christians aren’t stupid…they’re blind.

Mark Driscoll* share a perspective that is helpful to keep in mind while we’re approaching evangelism and the Gospel. What are your thoughts?

*Yes, I’m aware that Driscoll has said some foolish thinks recently (and, in my opinion, repeatedly). I don’t agree with him on everything (or most things usually). On the other hand, that describes just about anyone that’s every existed. We’ve all made a passel of mistakes and none of us agree with everyone else on everything. Which is why it’s so important to be able to include a variety of people in our conversations. So I post this because I see (to use some Quaker terminology) “that of Christ” in these comments by Driscoll.


One thought on “Non-Christians aren’t stupid…they’re blind.

  1. I was at a Christian concert with a speaker once who offered to trade a $50 bill to anyone in the audience who would give him a penny in return. After making the exchange he asked, “How would you describe someone who wouldn’t take that deal?” “Dumb” is the answer. That really bothered me but I never did come to a conclusion of what is an accurate description of those who have yet to call Christ Lord. Blind captures it perfectly. Great pereption on the part of Mark.

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