Non-Christians are…

I greatly appreciated Driscoll’s thoughts that “non-Christians aren’t stupid, they’re blind.” However, I imagine if you told someone who wasn’t a Christian that they weren’t stupid, they were just blind, they might still be offended. It seems to me that most of us don’t do well with being told things about ourselves period. We tend to receive lessons better when we experience them than when they’re dictated to us. Too often, evangelism has sought to explicitly share the exact status of both those “in” and those “out”. But what if evangelism was more about sharing the story of where you’re at and how you’ve come to be there? What if it includes sharing God’s story…the grand narrative of what he’s been up to throughout history? But what if it could allow more space for individuals to come to their own realizations than forcing our knowledge on them? Thoughts, push back, reflection?


One thought on “Non-Christians are…

  1. What if instead of blind, they’re bereft of light? In darkness we can’t see ourselves or others. Then evangelism isn’t about curing lack of vision, but rather encouraging people to leave darkness behind. And you don’t do that by bemoaning the dark, you do it by describing the beauty of light. Hmmm, good questions.

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