“Christianity needs a better story…”

This article was recently on relevantmagazine.com. A couple core quotes:

“So when the presentation fails to connect, the same fate awaits the message itself.”

“Expressing a message through story suggests a deeper meaning of both the message and the story.”

The main gist of the article (but you should read it for yourself) is that rather than a proclamational driven message, we should live a story driven message. I generally agree with the ideas presented (what do you think?), but I also have some push back. At some point, doesn’t there need to be some sort of sharing (which is proclamational in its most gentle sense)? For example, they give the example of Mumford and Sons, but the album in and of itself won’t lead someone to embrace or exclude Christ. It will merely create opportunities for conversations. Which means that we have to ultimately come back to a place of relationship in our sharing of the Message.


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