The Project

This blog is an in-progress project as part of my Masters of Divinity degree program through George Fox Evangelical Seminary. The course, a self-guided special study, involves constructing “a study that will help you focus your understanding and expertise in an area appropriate to your intended ministry.” Due to my heart for youth ministry, interest in postmodernity, and struggles with figuring out how to appropriately share my faith, I felt like exploring these three topics in tandem would be valuable.

The project requirements include 112 hours of research and writing along with a final product, which this site will become as the dialogue develops.

My project objectives are as follows:

-Explore postmodern culture in consideration of what would be best approaches for sharing the gospel.

-Experiment with presentation methods and models to figure out best practices.

-Develop a holistic presentation to sharing the gospel that engages a post-modern audience.

-Create avenues of approach for youth to employ as they engage their friends in faith-based conversations.

-Explore the connections between presentation and action in a sharing the gospel in a postmodern context.

-Consider how to balance the need to share in simple ways what Christians believe while not losing the mystery and scope of the gospel message.

-Explore current resources already developed to address the postmodern/gospel dilemma

If you have further questions about the project design or scope, please feel free to contact me at jharris at firstfriends dot org


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