Welcome to pomoyogo, a conversation on the intersection of postmodernity, youth ministry, and the gospel.

The hope of this blog is to explore a dialogue about how to think through and engage evangelism through both words and actions in a post-modern world, where a gospel must extend beyond propositions to life-altering engagement. As a middle school youth pastor and volunteer college minister, I have wrestled over the years with how to present the gospel in a way that is relevant to my students.  Coming of ministry age personally as the conversation of postmodernity became the conversation of evangelicalism, I have grappled with these questions in my own head and with friends and family. As the next generation of the church, we should hope to live an understanding of the gospel that engages the questions of today’s culture and opens up a wide panorama of faith.

In the menu bar above, you’ll find groupings of resources to help you explore the topics on your own. Below you’ll find my thoughts and an invitation to conversation so that we can learn together. If you’re new, I recommend that you start with these 3 brief posts that give the lay of the land: the project, the ground rules, and types of Christian conversation. As you explore the site, I hope that you’ll not just read but respond, grow, and share. Thanks for joining me on the journey.


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